Living Up To The Dream – Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Dress / by Katrine Mikkelsen

Dear all future brides to be! 

We know that there can be a lot of pressure on you to nail your wedding dress. It’s meant to be something that is totally you, but also the best version of you … and also suitable for the elderly, often conservative relatives without being considered frumpy by your friends.  You’ve also got decide on what your vision is for your day. Are you having a modern minimalist contemporary urban wedding or a modern minimalist contemporary sophisticated wedding? The choices are endless.

Of course the primary difficulty of choosing a wedding dress that has to be completely you, is that wedding dresses are not YOU! You don’t live in floor length tulle and lace nor do you float around the office in a cloud of chiffon and you certainly don’t mop the kitchen floor whilst wearing a diamantéencrusted veil. Well, I don’t anyway and I’m surrounded by these gorgeous dresses every day. Admittedly the temptation to do that is sometimes hard to resist. So if you see me in Waitrose wearing a satin bolero and a white fur muff you’ll know I finally caved. 

Because we know how hard it can be to pick the dress for your Big Day, we’ve put together this hopefully helpful guide to ensure that you make Great Aunt Hilda happy, but mainly you!


1. Try on as many dresses as you need to

This is so important, even if you’re having a wedding dress specially made by me. Trying on as many dresses as possible will help you to work out what you don’t like, what you really don’t want and ultimately what is essential for you. At Katrine Mikkelsen London you don’t go and buy a finished wedding dress. This is why it’s important that you’ve tried on different wedding dresses before you decide on your design. So you know that the idea of the perfect wedding dress fits reality. It’ll also help you to find your silhouette if you’re still not sure what suits your body best.


2. Focus on silhouette

This is really the starting point. Once you’ve sorted out what shape your ideal dress is, you can then set about the finer details, such as fabrics, embroidery, straps or sleeves, buttons and ruffles. One easy way to choose your most flattering silhouette is to work out what your best-loved assets are and if there is anything you wish to conceal. I have sketched all sorts of examples of elegant and feminine silhouettes so if you’re still doubting which silhouette fits your body type best then please do feel free to ask me and I’ll be happy to guide you in the right direction!


3. Wear a luxurious bra and pants set to your fittings

Such a simple thing but so effective! No doubt you won’t be wearing your once-white-now-grey saggy knickers with the elastic coming off the waistband on the day, so why wear them to your dress fitting? Putting the right bra and pants on will help to streamline your body (even if you’re a size 6) so that the dresses fit smoothly on top without any visible lumps and bumps detracting from your vision. Try to wear the same undergarments to each fitting so that you know what shape the dress is making your body as compared to your bra and knickers.


4. Design your wedding dress to suit your wedding day

As much as I love The Great Gatsby and 1920s Flapper dresses, wearing a dress like that to a rustic wedding in a barn where the catering will include ribs and corn on the cob would look rather peculiar! Knowing the place, time and mood of your wedding will help focus your search. My advice is simple; make sure your wedding dress fits your wedding day, season and location.


5. Design and details

This is where it gets exciting because when you’re having your wedding dress specially made all options are open. Every decision is up to you and I’ll always be at your service if needed because having to make all of these decisions yourself can sometimes be quite overwhelming and stressful.

Enjoy designing your dream wedding dress. I’ll always be at your service and I will make sure that youget the exact wedding dress to fit your body and soul! … and just take Great Aunt Hilda out for a cream tea to butter her up if she’s still not sure about your dress. It is your day after all!