Have you ever dreamt of having your own private wedding dress designger?

At Katrine Mikkelsen London you have the opportunity of becoming a part of the design process of your own wedding dress. 

Each dress is a unique, customised, handmade creation exclusively conceived for each client. 

Before the design process begins a consultation will be arranged for you and our designer. Here you will dicuss your ideas for your dream wedding dress. Next our designer will sketch your wedding dress and present possible fabrics that fits your dreams and ideas. 

The making of the wedding dress will then begin and private fittings will be scheduled in our central London design studio.  


” My life teached me to ackknowledge beauty in the unperfect elements in life. Which in this content means beauty in differences, in authenticity. The differences in people, their visions, their ideas, their love; 

their story

which makes them who they are - unique. To be able to transform my clients individual stories into beautiful wedding dresses is simply a dream come true.

It's all about beauty. ”





Katrine Mikkelsen has a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design specialised in Womenswear at Scandinavians largest design academy; TEKO Design and Business School in Denmark. From a young age she sought to understand a world through clothing. As a child, she observed her mother’s fabric cutting and construction techniques and finally during her studies she gained her own complete constructing and sewing skills. 

Katrine has been working a lot with dress fittings during her time as a student and finished of her studies creating an exclusive evening dress collection consisting of the finest Indian silks and most delicate French laces. 

She enjoys exploring new silhouettes, fine materials and their way of reacting to different types of cuts. 

With an eye for finishing and detail she creates bespoke wedding dresses.